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Award Winning
Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Arbequina-Mission Reserve

California Mission






100% Arbequina

100% Arbequina

Arbequina-Mission Reserve

California Mission

Arbequina-Mission Reserve

Arbequina-Mission Reserve

Welcome to Basque Away

Our family owned olive ranch in Creston, just outside Paso Robles, California, in San Luis Obispo County has ideal warm days and cool nights.  Our 655 Arbequina, Mission and Picholine olive trees thrive in this Mediterranean  climate.  Each olive is hand picked and locally cold pressed within hours of coming off the trees. We are unabashedly proud  of our oils, certified as "the finest quality extra virgin olive oil" and awarded THREE GOLD MEDALS and TWO BEST IN CLASS in 2024  by the prestigious California Olive Oil Council.  And each of our EVOO's medaled at the California Mid-State Fair in 2024. Basque Away is on a roll as we also won two GOLDs in 2023 and a SILVER in 2022. It just keeps getting better.


California Mission    

Described by the COOC as "balanced,  green  and grassy", our GOLD MEDAL winning California Mission is our most  ROBUST with a classic EVOO bite and peppery finish from its very high and healthful polyphenol count of 707. You might also pick up a front note of artichoke.

100%  Arbequina

Described by the COOC as "balanced with notes of green apples and herbaceous", our 100% Arbequina won not only a GOLD MEDAL but also BEST IN CLASS SPANISH SINGLE VARIETAL.  This beautiful Spanish olive produces an elegant oil with the classic EVOO bite and peppery finish from its high and healthful polyphenol count of 492.    

Arbequina-Mission Reserve

Described by the COOC as "balanced and robust with green fruit notes" (and I also pick up a creamy cashew note), our Arbequina-Mission Reserve blends our Arbequina and Mission with a French kiss of Picholine olives.  No wonder it won both a GOLD MEDAL and BEST IN CLASS for OTHER BLENDS. Once again, it has the classic EVOO bite and peppery finish from its very high polyphenol count of 632.


** Shipping restricted to 375 ml and 750 ml bottles.**

Lemon Infused

We infuse our award winning 100% Arbequina EVOO with lemon extract oil for a citrus hint ideal with seafood, salad dressing, vegetables or anything else where you want a lemon twist.  We love it on sweet potatoes. (No infused oil can (or should) be certified as extra virgin olive oil as it is no longer 100% olive oil).

 250 ml, 266 ml and 300 ml sizes also available at the farm in Creston and events


For those who simply cannot make up their minds which of our award winning oils to order first, we also offer discounted 3 Bottles Sample Packs of each of our 3 GOLD MEDAL winning EVOO's in 375 ml or 750 ml sizes.  We also offer 4 Bottles Sample Packs which also includes our Lemon Infused oil.

Why Basque?  Why Olives?


So when Cynthia retired from being a lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area for 40 years, it seemed like the perfect fit for a “recovering lawyer”. Basque Away LLC was formed in 2018 and named in honor of Guy’s mother and her proud heritage. 

Guy’s mother was born to Basque parents who immigrated from Vizcaya and Navarre to Nevada where they had a sheep ranch.  After Guy’s mother had raised nine children, she and her husband moved to Sonoma California where she thrived in her garden growing fruits and her beloved peonies.


One of Cynthia’s fondest childhood memories was sitting with her Cuban father overlooking El Generalife gardens and Alhambra in Spain eating tapas, including olives of course, while sipping fino sherry (but the latter was a secret from her mother!) 

Basque Away has been a proud member of the California Olive Oil Council since 2018 and recipient of awards since first entering EVOO competition in 2022. Cynthia went back to school and received her Master Milling certificate from the University of California, Davis Olive Center in 2022, and in 2024 became a member of the California Olive Oil Council's Board of Directors.. By appointment, Basque Away can, in its state of the art Pierilisi mill, process small batches of between 200 and 400 pounds of olives for small growers who would prefer not to lump their olives in with cooperative crushes.

Our Farm

That's our family hand harvesting. Farm visits and free olive oil tastings welcome by appointment.  So when you need a break from all the Paso Robles great wine tasting, make an appointment and bring your friends for olive oil tastings on our patio, overlooking the olive orchard.

We Care about our Community 

Philanthropy Basque Away donated gallons of its award winning EVOO's to The Terrace Foundation in Santa Barbara in 2024 so seniors and disabled persons could have the healthful benefits of true extra virgin olive oils.  We also donated 10% of our sales during the Wine 4 Paws Event to support sheltered dogs and cats at the Woods Humane Society and plan to keep giving to our local community.


We are honored to have already participated in so many events in 2024:  The Fresno Basque Festival, the  Paso Robles Annual Olive and Lavender Festival, the Los Banos Basque Picnic, the Bakersfield NABO Basque Festival, the San Francisco Basque Festival, and the Winnemucca Basque Festival.

Next up:  Sunday July 7,  The 78th Annual Southern California Basque Festival in Chino , Chino Fairgrounds, 5410 Edison Avenue.

Eat, drink and be Basque (or not).  Come enjoy the culture, dance, food, and of course free olive oil tastings.  No reservation or tickets required, 

Saturday, July 20: The 56th Annual Reno Basque Festival at the McKinley Arts and Cultural Center,  925 Riverside Drive, Reno.   Again, no reservation or tickets required and you don't have to be Basque to have fun, eat and taste Basque Away EVOO's.

September 1: Chino (again- we love it there) 

October 12: Rocklin


Farm Visits, Free Tastings, Direct Orders and Inquiries  The Paso Robles area is known for its wines and beauty.  Add FREE OLIVE OIL tastings at our olive farm to your next Paso Robles trip. Just contact Cynthia at,  or call 650 814-7955 for direct orders, inquiries or reservations, because that's what small family owned and run farms should do!

Sign onto our newsletter for the latest on festivals and events, recipes, special discount notices and food for thought. 


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