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While supplies last, we are offering our 2023 Lemon Infused Olive Oil, first released in May 2023 and harvested in late November 2022.  This oil started as our 100% Arbequina, certified as "the highest quality extra virgin olive oil" by the California Olive Oil Council. Because the underlying EVOO had an initial healthful, anti-inflammatory high polyphenol count of  648, this oil has a long shelf life with a "Best By Date" of November 1, 2024. 


While our 2024 Release  Lemon Infused Olive Oil is still "marrying" with our latest 100% Arbequina EVOO, the 2023 Release is ready now to complement anything and everything to which you want to add a lemon twist.  A super jump start to a refreshing salad dressing.  Just add a few drops of red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar or vinegar of your choice, with a pinch of Basque Away's No Salt Garlic and Herb Seasoning and voila, you have a zesty, super healthful salad dressing... just in time for summer.  Or use our Lemon Infused Oil with our No Salt Seasoning for marinading,  sauteing or grilling seafood or chicken.  And super just drizzeled over lightly steamed or grilled vegetables and sweet potatoes. 

750 ml 2023 Released Lemon Infused Olive Oil

$60.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
  • Shipping not included.  All our 750 ML bottles come with an easy pour internal spout.  

  • Add our newly released No Salt Garlic and Herb Seasoning for just $5 and we will add it to your oil shipment with no increased shipping cost. 

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